Planning To Move To Marbella With Your Children?

It’s a shared dream amongst many Europeans who have visited Marbella to up sticks from the grey, rainy days of their home country and to make a permanent move to the sunny Costa del Sol. Often, though, families with children still at a school age feel that moving the kids is simply not an option and that they must wait until retirement to finally live in their dream Marbella home. What many people don’t realise is that there are many international schools in Marbella and it is a wonderful place to raise a family. The town boasts excellent international schools, a variety of after school clubs and programmes, and numerous outdoor sport centres – perfect for active kids!


British Schools In Marbella

A large proportion of international schools in Marbella tend to teach the British National Curriculum and lessons are taught in English, with Spanish as the second official language. Most of the schools take children from pre-school level right up to preparing them for University, where the emphasis is on providing an internationally recognised baccalaureate that offers as wide a range of options as possible. Some of the most popular schools offering a Bristish style education are: the Aloha College in Nueva Andalucia that is established in Marbella since 1982. Swans International School that was founded in the early days of 1970s and is situated in the heart of Marbella. Last but not least the British School of Marbella which is part of the British Schools Foundation and currently runs 11 schools across 4 countries.

International Schools In Marbella

Though many students choose tertiary education in the UK or in their home countries, a significant proportion also goes on to attend universities right here in Spain, in the US, and throughout Europe. Though the high volume of English-language schools within the Marbella educational system is a reflection of both the areas substantial British community and the international benefits of an English-language education, schooling is also available in a variety of other languages. The Svenska Skolan Marbella is a primary school that is fully endorsed by the Swedish and Norwegian governments, while the Lycée Français de Málaga and the Deutsche Schule in the hills above Elviria are both highly regarded academic institutions teaching in German and French respectively.

Multinational Interaction In Marbella

Many parents encourage the idea of multinational interaction and can see the positive benefits of a classroom made up of a wide range of nationalities, to help their children’s development opportunities and future prospects. The ability to understand not only other languages but also the different mind-sets and traditions of other cultures can help children to develop a truly international way of thinking; a skill that is becoming increasingly important.

Academic Qualities Provided In Marbella

As a result, children that grow up in places such as Marbella are often far more internationally minded and adaptable than those who are schooled in their home countries. In tomorrow’s global working environment, it is vitally important that children are prepared with these skill sets. What’s more, the friendships and contacts made here span the globe, rather than just a single country. Whether families opt for British, German, French or indeed Spanish private colleges, parents can add this unique element to the academic qualities of the international education that can be provided in Marbella.