There tend to be various connotations that go with luxury brands. We associate them with quality, status and wealth. But the idea of a brand is no longer limited to items such as Louis Vuitton handbags, Rolex watches and Ferrari cars. The concept of luxury is now beyond physical objects and encompasses whole properties, complexes, and even towns. Marbella is one such luxury destination.

Filled with five-star hotels, Michelin star restaurants, exclusive beach clubs and designer boutiques, Marbella is the ideal luxury destination. A Marbella address represents discerning taste and a penchant for the best that money can buy. The town sits alongside the likes of Mayfair, The Hamptons, Monaco, and the French Riviera as destinations where the name alone is enough to conjure up an image of luxury and glamour.

While it’s hard to achieve the status of a luxury brand, it’s even harder to hold on to it. Brands resting on their laurels risk becoming passé or the quality they once offered slowly deteriorates. Marbella, though, has long since joined the select group of resort destinations that are instantly associated with timeless style. The beautiful Mediterranean setting and year-round sunshine make for an idyllic lifestyle, while the long list of local amenities that range from opulent spas, world-class golf courses and fine restaurants ensure that Marbella is still a hub of luxury establishments.

The range of stunning properties available in Marbella also attracts those looking to invest in high-quality real estate. Properties in and around Marbella range from beautiful frontline beach penthouses to villas overlooking the perfectly landscaped golf courses, or mansions set within expansive private estates, to townhouses situated in exclusive gated communities.

Many of the world’s rich and famous have chosen to settle or own a home in and around Marbella, giving rise to a real estate market that specialises in deluxe properties. If you’re looking for the perfect property in or around Marbella, Marbella living would be happy to assist you in your search. Marbella Living has a substantial portfolio of property around Marbella, Nueva Andalucía and the Golden Mile for sale. Please call us on 952 765 328 to discuss your property needs and to arrange a viewing.