Since 2013, Marbella is fast becoming a ´smart´ city, known for its flourishing tourism and infrastructure. New measures are implemented every day to improve the lives of residents and visitors, making the city more accessible and the daily functioning more seamless.

One of the only thirty smart cities in Spain, the deal was signed between Marbella´s mayoress, Ángeles Muñoz, and SEGITTUR, the technology arm of Spain’s Ministry of Tourism to signify the towns initial and ongoing commitment to the Smart Tourist Destination Scheme.

A Smart Tourism Destination is: “an innovative tourist spot, based on a framework of cutting-edge infrastructure, which ensures the sustainable development of the tourist area. It is accessible to everyone, and facilitates the visitor’s interaction and integration with their environment, increasing the quality of their experience“ – SEGITUR


A more intelligent traffic control system has been enforced including modernised traffic lights, more bike lanes and a greater number of electric car charge points available. Bus services are forever expanding to additional destinations and routes, making areas of Marbella and the surrounding Costa del Sol more accessible. Marbella´s electric bus system is an innovative method used to reduce the use of fossil fuels and petrol, ensuring steps are made to become a more environmentally conscious city. Visitors can enjoy a tour of Marbella´s fascinating tourist attractions such as the remains of the Arab Castle, Plaza de los Naranjos and the Paseo La Alameda without the additional fuel consumption.

Tourist App

Commissioned by the town hall at the cost of €12,000, ´Asistente de Marbella’, available in both English and Spanish, is an automated chatbot service that provides tourists with up to date information such as opening times, and contact numbers. Another great addition are the QR codes on town hall and cultural buildings, which make it easier for residents and visitors to access information even when the buildings are closed. Now visitors can plan their stress-free day of sightseeing facilitated by Marbella´s ever evolving technology.