Since 2016, Spain has been making a demonstrative effort to reduce the effects of Climate Change. Energy efficient home owners will now receive tax reductions between 4% and 20% of the annual property tax (IBI). The main focus is to improve energy ratings across the country which in turn reduces bills and complies with the regulations of the EU.

The possession of an energy certificate is a legal requirement for selling, buying or renting out a property. This particular scheme is the push many home owners need to start the assessment process on their properties. The use of renewable energy systems is fast becoming a popular addition to properties throughout Spain, including the installation of solar panels.

The rating system is graded from A to E. Properties yet to be assessed or those that receive the lowest two grades of F and G will not benefit from any tax reduction. The percentages are as follows:

Class A – 20%, Class B – 16% , Class C – 12%, Class D – 8%, Class E –4%

Marbella Living have a broad range of properties that fall in the A and B categories. Keep an eye out for our new developments for the latest energy efficient homes.